The Philippines: The Contact Centre Outsourcing Destination of Choice for Australian Companies

In a study done just last year in Australia, 44% of people surveyed listed talking to a live person on the phone as their preferred method of communicating with a business. This means, despite all our technological advancements, from artificial intelligence to electronic gadgets, people still want to speak directly with people.

Communication is essential, but it’s often a hard thing for people to master. From differences in spoken language to low-context vs high-context communication and even non-verbal communication, there are many obstacles to clarity.

Despite all the technology at our disposal, contact centres are still needed, and we expect to see the industry continue to grow. On a global scale, projections show the contact centre industry growing to  $350 billion AUD annually,  with a 15% increase in total employees. Yes, you can say business is looking good.

This boom has come thanks in part to the rapid growth of global Business Process Outsourcing (BPO). This sector continues to be a major driver for the outsourcing industry as a whole worldwide.

Here are two more important statistics to note. 58% of consumers polled said that customer service is a major factor in purchasing decisions, and another 61% said they have stopped doing business with a company altogether after a poor interaction.

Call centres handle a wide array of roles and processes; they have begun to adopt the term contact centre to reflect this. These centres handle customer experience management, lead generation, telemarketing, collections, and tech support and pretty much anything else involved with direct customer contact. So, while contact centres are not in charge of just customer service, their primary function is to serve customers, and that is an important thing to understand.

To execute these functions, infrastructure is paramount. You cannot have communication without connectivity. Ralf Ellspermann, CEO of PITON-Global, a leading BPO provider in the Philippines, says, “For this, you need a reliable power grid. In more affluent countries, power can be taken for granted, going out only during storms. In countries that are on the rise, which are popular spots for BPO companies, the grids may not be so reliable. However, the Philippines recognises the urgency of dependable infrastructure. Here, the grid stays up and keeps your BPO partnership running smoothly.”

Another critical aspect is the ability of the contact centre staff to communicate clearly and effectively with your customers. “It is important to note how this process interacts directly with your customer base. It is essentially your public face, or more accurately, your voice, that is speaking directly with your customer base. In our digitally connected global marketplace, it is vital that your contact centre be a multilingual one,” explains Ellspermann.

Where do you turn for this?

You guessed it—the Philippines’ contact centre industry, which is richly endowed with a workforce of experienced, well-educated, and multi-lingual professionals. “This advantage—the ability to field calls and communicate with customers all over the world—cannot be overstated,” Ellspermann adds.

With companies like PITON-Global leading the way, you are in the safest of hands when it comes to outsourcing your call centre operation. Every business decision you make reflects your company to the public, and contact centre operations are no different. In fact, in many ways, they are one of the most visible. As you make your decision, weigh the importance of your BPO partner’s ability to communicate effectively with your customer, 7×24. And be sure to consider the unrivalled world champion in contact centre outsourcing, the Philippines.

Aidan Wentcher
Aidan Wentcher
Aidan is a general assignment reporter based in his native Sydney and graduate of the University of Sydney for Communication and Journalism. He has previously worked at MH Magazine and Ferro Magazine.

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