The benefits and limitations of a SWOT analysis for your business

You’ve probably heard the term SWOT analysis thrown around before in business or within a corporate environment. This is because it is a common strategy to utilize in both environments, and can be especially beneficial to both business owners and those working in corporate to do with business.

A SWOT analysis stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats.

The format comes as a drawn up box, in which strengths of the business are listed, weaknesses are listed, business opportunities are listed and threats to the business are listed.

This can help to visualise these factors relating to the business and help to make strategies out of them.

A SWOT analysis can help you to understand your business better as it is all visualised, and help others who read it too.

By listing opportunities, you are able to create strategies to capitalize on them which can be profitable for the business.

By listing the businesses strengths, you are able to take advantage of them and further develop them in order to create success.

By listing the businesses weaknesses, you can address them in front of employees, resulting in strategies which could minimize or eliminate these weaknesses, ultimately being beneficial to the business as a whole.

A SWOT analysis could be limiting as it lists the issues with the business, but does not prioritise them which could lead to strategies being created for lesser issues but no addressing more serious issues first.

It also doesn’t list solutions to the issues, that is up to the business to develop separately.

A SWOT analysis can be very beneficial for a business; however it has its limitations. It is still recommended to utilize a SWOT analysis at some point in your business operation, as it can provide many benefits in contrast to not doing it at all and not seeing any benefits.

Sandra Viner
Sandra Viner
Sandra Viner is a writer and journalist with more than 10 years of experience working for major media outlets spanning print, digital and publishing. She began her career at Fairfax as an award-winning news reporter and has since covered property, business, entertainment and human interest.

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