Online consumer payment security tips for business owners

Consumer information security should be of utmost concern for business owners. Businesses, especially those that handle online financial transactions, should always be vigilant when it comes to consumer information.

This includes looking out for cyber-attacks, and implementing security measures that reduce the chance of information breaches. There are many different ways that cyber-criminals can breach a database for information, and businesses should be up to date when it comes to these.

Here are some online consumer payment security tips for business owners to implement.

Use two-factor authentication

When an online financial transaction is being conducted, it is crucial to use two-factor authentication. Two-factor authentication will secure every login you make, meaning that no one else will be able to access your financial account and payment records. A business should have two-factor authentication implemented into their system in order to secure their financial transactions between consumers and themselves.

Use a secure e-commerce platform

A business should be using a secure and trusted e-commerce platform in order to minimize the risk of breaches. The added security of a trusted e-commerce platform not only gives you the peace of mind that your consumer’s financial information is safe, but also adds security to your business. An example of a secure and trusted e-commerce platform is Shopify.

Don’t store customer financial information

One of the simplest and most effective ways to prevent cyber-crime is to not store financial information on your website. After a financial transaction is completed, you should get rid of any trace of the consumer’s financial information. If financial information must be stored, use a secure and trusted database.

In summary, a business should be protecting its consumer’s financial information through the implementation of these tips. In doing so, the consumer trusts the business and the business has the peace of mind that their business is also trusted.

Zoe Drennan
Zoe Drennan
Zoe Drennan is a local lifestyle writer and mental health educator based in Melbourne. Her articles about lifestyle and health have been featured in HuffPost, Allure, Bustle, Healthline, NYLON, The Salt Lake Tribune, and more. She sits on the board of Aia's Disability Law Center, as well as the National Harm Reduction Coalition. In recognition of her work as a journalist and advocate, Zoe was the recipient of the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration's Young Adult Leadership Voice Award in 2019.

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