Blockchain uses for online shopping companies

Blockchain is a relatively new technology that has taken the business and tech world by storm. Blockchain technology offers a vast array of benefits for businesses, especially those in the online shopping industry.

Blockchain is a distributed ledger, meaning that it records transactional data which is then stored across multiple different computers. This combination of transactions is called a blockchain. This data has no centralized database, and is stored in computers across the world. With no single authority controlling the data, it makes it very secure, trusted and interchangeable.

With this in mind, here are some blockchain uses for online shopping companies.

Accepting cryptocurrency as payment

Cryptocurrency is also a relatively new technology, and offers a secure and anonymous alternative to traditional payment methods which are more susceptible to attack, theft and fraud. By using blockchain technology, online retailers can capitalize on the increasing popularity of cryptocurrency technology and accept payments in this form.

Reduction in complexity and cost of the supply chain

Many large retailers have accepted blockchain technology due to its reduction in complexity and cost of the supply chain. Blockchain technology eliminates the need for paper and manual work that is relevant to international shipping and payments. This reduction in complexity of the supply chain leads to a more efficient and effective administrative process, which ultimately saves the retailers money.

Increased markets

Blockchain technology has allowed new markets to pop up that can offer any products. These markets usually tend to focus on specific demographics, and offer specific products for these demographics.

In summary, blockchain technology has brought various benefits to online shopping retailers. These retailers are wise to utilize blockchain as a tool which can help to streamline its processes, by increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of its operations, as well as reducing its numerous costs.

Zoe Drennan
Zoe Drennan
Zoe Drennan is a local lifestyle writer and mental health educator based in Melbourne. Her articles about lifestyle and health have been featured in HuffPost, Allure, Bustle, Healthline, NYLON, The Salt Lake Tribune, and more. She sits on the board of Aia's Disability Law Center, as well as the National Harm Reduction Coalition. In recognition of her work as a journalist and advocate, Zoe was the recipient of the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration's Young Adult Leadership Voice Award in 2019.

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