Online shopping safety tips for consumers

Online shopping has exploded in popularity, and the number of consumers moving to online retailers has increased significantly as a result.

Whether it be because of social media, or just because of the ease of access due to developing technologies, it is undeniable that online shopping is the new consumer favourite. But with the rise of online shopping comes the rise of cyber-crime. There are various different methods of stealing consumer payment information which can be used to defraud and steal.

It is important for consumers to stay up to date on the latest scams and methods that cyber-criminals are using to steal information.

Here are some online shopping safety tips for consumers.

Research the seller

When online shopping, it is important you are buying from reputable sellers who are trusted and secure their information. Buying from dodgy sellers is a good way for people with malicious intent to steal your information. A common form of stealing is phishing, in which a fake website is created that looks like a real one, only when information is input, it goes directly to criminals who would use it for their own personal gain.

Check the site is secure

If a site is secure, it will contain https in the URL, as well as a padlock next to it. This shows that the site is secure from cyber-attacks, and means you can shop safely. Unsecured sites are more likely to be breached by cyber-criminals, resulting in stolen consumer information.

These are some tips that should be followed when online shopping.

By following these tips, you are able to online shop safely and ensure your information is not stolen. As a consumer, you should always be vigilant when shopping online and trust your instinct when something doesn’t seem quite right.

Zoe Drennan
Zoe Drennan
Zoe Drennan is a local lifestyle writer and mental health educator based in Melbourne. Her articles about lifestyle and health have been featured in HuffPost, Allure, Bustle, Healthline, NYLON, The Salt Lake Tribune, and more. She sits on the board of Aia's Disability Law Center, as well as the National Harm Reduction Coalition. In recognition of her work as a journalist and advocate, Zoe was the recipient of the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration's Young Adult Leadership Voice Award in 2019.

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