The path to success and happiness comes through self-development

Through life’s experiences, you learn a lot of things. What you take away from these things is what makes you who you are, and is the basis for self-development. There are different ‘senses’ in self-development, each of which pertain to the individual and the changes they can make on their self-development journey.

Here are some of the senses of self-development.

Sense of self

Self-development helps you become much more aware of yourself.

Part of the self-development journey is to go out of your comfort zone, in order to face certain things about yourself. This creates an increased awareness of yourself, and allows you to identify your strengths and weaknesses better. As you gain a more well-rounded sense of who you are, you are able to start creating and pursuing goals and a vision.

Sense of curiosity

Sense of curiosity

Self-development increases your sense of curiosity as you are always looking for new opportunities to pursue in your life. By pursuing the path of self-development, more opportunities also will present themselves to you, and you will naturally become curious as to where they could lead. This curiosity creates a longing to do more and more in your life, increasing business and your need for adventure. A sense of curiosity is inherently required in order to grow as a person and explore new opportunities.

Sense of direction

Self-development allows you to create goals, objectives and a vision to strive towards. My finding out more about yourself and trying new opportunities and experiences, you are able to create a clear vision of what you want and create subsequent stepping stones and goals to get there.

Self-development involves various different ‘senses’ which all naturally occur on the path for success and happiness. All need to be embraced in order to grow as a person.

Cooper Harry
Cooper Harry
Cooper Harry is Lita’s reporter based in Adelaide. Before joining the LM, Cooper reported on personal career issues for local Adelaide news sites and also for TBD. He’s the author of a non-fiction book, Aran Condition: How Baseball Cards Became Your Obsession, and his stories have appeared in The National, The Ages, and Outside. He’s won the Award for Young Journalists in 2017.

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