Entrepreneurs should be doing a lot of reading

Out of all the highly successful entrepreneurs you see talked about daily, there are various common traits shared by them. One of them is the fascination with reading lots of books in order to learn more. The Dean of Wall Street Warren Buffet claims to devote 80% of his day to reading, as well as Mark Zuckerberg the Facebook tech mogul famously challenging himself to read a new book every week. Reading allows you to learn more through other people’s story and advice, and it is also good for you.

Here are some reasons why entrepreneurs should be doing a lot of reading.

Lots of reading develops cognitive skills

Reading is scientifically proven to develop cognitive skills, including memory retention, strategic decision-making (which is very important when running a business of course) and verbal intelligence. These are all skills that are highly useful to an entrepreneur, and helps to keep their mind sharp which is required in a highly competitive and sometimes stressful environment that is the business world.

Reading improves speaking

An entrepreneur should be well-spoken, as well as highly communicative in order to present their ideas and thoughts to people in a proper, understandable manner. The ability to do so will allow people to see where you are coming from and to see your business vision, which will help you to create opportunity and help others to see what you are trying to achieve.

This can be especially useful when marketing, advertising or even pitching your idea and its importance should not be underestimated.

These are some reasons why reading is important to an entrepreneur.

With so many highly successful entrepreneurs constantly reading, it’s no secret that reading is significantly beneficial to anyone in business, or anyone in general.

Grace Pawsey
Grace Pawsey
Grace Pawsey is a senior editor at Lita Magazine, based in Adelaide. Grace writes about entrepreneurs and business issues.

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