Reasons to be stretching during work and office hours

Sitting at a desk all day is a common thing amongst office workers, however it is well-known that sitting in a chair all day is very bad for your health.

Sitting for long hours can cause your muscles to cramp up, slow your blood supply and is bad for your joints.

This can cause a deal of health issues later on down the line, including back pains which are very hard to fix and can result in chronic pain for years.

You are better off stretching every hour in the office to prevent these future problems from arising later down the line.

Here are some reasons to be stretching during work and office hours.

Stretching reduces fatigue

By regularly stretching, you increase the nutrients and blood supply to soft tissues in the body and joint structures. This ensures that you will feel limber and your body won’t seize up. It also allows the soft tissue to increase its temperature and increase its elasticity. All of this allows the joint to increase its flexibility and ability to move at a greater motion, thereby reducing fatigue.

Stretching improves posture and muscular balance

Posture is very important when sitting down for long periods of time.

It can mean the difference between having a bad back or incorrect posture when standing, and having a healthy body. Furthermore, stretching allows muscular balance which makes posture easier to maintain in activities of daily living.

These are some reasons why stretching should be done during office and work hours.

It is important to keep your posture and muscular balance healthy, in order to avoid issues with your health later on down the line. It only takes 1 minute to do; you may as well do it for your own sake.

Alexis Hennessy
Alexis Hennessy
Alexis Hennessy is a pop culture journalist with 10 years experience writing on offbeat subjects. She is the former junior editor of Wireless Flash, a news agency that provided The Daily Show, Good Morning and many other shows with news segments.

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