Reasons why movies flop on the Box Office

We’ve seen it time and time again. A big anticipated movie ends up being a bitter disappointment and flopping, or we hear of a big movie flop on the news and realise we’ve never even heard of it before. A flop can mean many things. It can mean a movie failed to make as much as it costed to produce. It can also mean it failed to live up to its expectations, or even failing hard enough to not be able to launch a new movie franchise. There are various reasons as to why movies flop on the Box Office, and here are some of them.

It has a bad title

A movie title is supposed to catch the eye of the viewer and intrigue them.

It is also supposed to somewhat encapsulate what the movie is going to be about, and draw people in based on that. A bad title will leave viewers uninterested in finding out more about the movie, and will make it unlikely that they will even go to see it. This is shown in flop movie John Carter, which was renamed by the studio and ultimately was a disappointment, likely due to its vanilla bread name.

Miscasting celebrities

Viewers are used to seeing certain celebrities in certain roles.

Action movie celebrities usually stick to action movie roles, and as a result they will do well in action movies. However, when cast in different roles that are nothing like their normal role, viewers are unlikely to see the movie.

Sometimes this is not true, as some celebrities have proven to be versatile, however for the most part, it is.

Movies can sometimes flop, and there are various reasons for it.

It is often because of a bad title/marketing and miscast movie stars.

Abbey Labilliere
Abbey Labilliere
Abbey is an Entertainment Editor at the Lita Magazine. She was previously the Entertainment Editor at Yahoo Lifestyle Australia and has a strong interest in covering stories about culture and diversity. She likes late night TV shows and going for a walk with her dogs.

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