Ways that kids learn through modern teaching aids and how to implement it into the classroom

The world is changing at a very fast rate, and where you and me would have been in classrooms with chalkboards, whiteboards and a pen and paper, teachers nowadays have access to modern teaching aids which allow kids to learn through an interactive digital environment. Technology changes are a good thing, and allow kids to connect with each other as well as with the outside world and learn through these modern teaching aids and interactive environments. They can make learning much more engaging than the traditional classroom model, and kids will be much more interested in this style of teaching. With the world changing constantly due to emerging technologies, it is important for kids to be able to use and interact with technology in order to succeed in their life, many aspects of their life will be dominated by technology. There are some concerns due to the consumption of technology, with many kids becoming hooked to iPads, videogames and phones. It is important to encourage active use of technology for a purpose not just for passive consumption to fill time. Due to the high use of technology in the modern age, it is very important for kids and teachers alike to engage with and implement the active use of modern teaching aids such as interactive technology in the classroom.

Here are some ways that kids learn through modern teaching aids and how to implement it into the classroom.

It helps them connect to othersA teacher is doing a lab experiment while kids sit around him learning from modern teaching aids

Because kids use technology so much these days, using it in the classroom can help them to connect to each other and the teacher much more efficiently.

A shared connection with technology amongst the classroom is a good way to get to know your students, as well as for them to get to know each other too. Creating, sharing and distributing shared media is one of the best ways to connect to each other, as it can demonstrate and express the child’s thoughts and emotions, as well as their learning style. Through this, relationships can be built. Strong relationships are one of the key cornerstones of active and effective learning, and modern teaching aids can help to achieve this.

It is also a good way for kids to engage with and learn about the world, as technology can close distances not thought possible previously, and receive information and media available on the Internet. With the current situation of the pandemic, going to school physically is not an option for many parts of the world. The use of modern teaching aids allows kids to engage and continue to actively learn from the comfort and safety of their own homes, through the use of video calling applications and other interactive technologies. Something like this would not have been possible in the past, but in the modern age and with the help of modern teaching aids, it is very possible.

They can research and explore

Kids are able to use modern teaching aids such as tablets, phones and computers in order to research and explore information and the world.

These modern teaching aids allow the world to be at the fingertips of the kids, and the teacher is able to demonstrate their lessons through the media available on the Internet to better express themselves and show the kids, rather than just explaining to them. It gives them a better opportunity to branch out from the original topic and explore other things related to it, allowing them to learn further in a shorter period of time. For example, if kids are learning about certain animals, they can also look up on their modern teaching aids device about related animals, or other animals in general. They will be able to get a clear picture of how the animals looks, how the animal moves and behaves and general information about the animal. All of this is available at their fingertips, and takes a very short amount of time to find. In a traditional classroom environment, they would maybe get information and a photo, but would not have videos ready to better explain the animal, and the information would be given through books and pictures which are not as engaging.

Creative applications for learningA kid is at the forefront looking at the book in front of him while using modern teaching aids to learn. Other kids are in the background.

Mindless repetition is something most of us will remember about school, and it is definitely something most kids dread. While it is important to drill certain skills and facts into the mind, it can be hard for kids to engage with this form of learning. The use of modern teaching aids with creative applications can help kids to engage with the learning and develop skills through these applications. Applications where kids are asked to solve problems, think and develop solutions will help them to not only learn skills to do with maths and other subjects, but also help their cognitive development. These modern teaching aids often have short videos implemented into them which help to explain problems and teach them through this. This makes not only the teacher’s job easier, but also helps the kids develop properly.

It helps them to develop technological interest and skills

The use of modern teaching aids helps to develop a technological interest in kids, as well as developing their technological skills. With much of the world being surrounded by technology, and many industries becoming more techno centric, it is a good way for kids to later go into their careers with technological skills and prowess. Modern teaching aids ensure that kids know what they are doing when it comes to basic technology and can engage and use these devices with ease. Developing an interest in technology through modern teaching aids is also important, as people going into university for STEM degrees is definitely something that is important due to the increasing demand for STEM jobs and the heavy reliance on technology in the world, which is sure to increase further.

How to implement modern teaching aids into the classroomTwo kids stand in front of a whiteboard with mathematical equations learning from modern teaching aids

Think, pair, share

The think, pair, share technique is a good way to implement modern teaching aids into the classroom. How it works is that the teacher will propose an activity or task, and will put the students into pairs. They then will think about it individually and research it on their modern teaching aids devices, before sharing it with their partner and then sharing what they found with the class. This is a good way to learn, as it implements the modern teaching aids as well as allowing them to engage with information and engage with another person about it.

Interactive notebooks

Rather than having the old pen and paper notebooks, using modern teaching aids devices as interactive notebooks makes it easy to cut and paste important notes, highlight them and even add media such as pictures and videos. This makes the information and note taking much more engaging.

In summary, kids learn through modern teaching aids in a variety of different ways which are all beneficial, and these modern teaching aids devices can be implemented easily into a classroom. These should definitely be considered for your classrooms, as technology is the future of all students, and the world.

Sandra Viner
Sandra Viner
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