Reasons why so many entrepreneurs fail

Business in general is a harsh world, and majority of aspiring entrepreneurs will fail in their endeavours.

This is not to say that many entrepreneurs fail and then stay unsuccessful, many fail then find success later on and it is important for any aspiring entrepreneur to not let failure deter them. However, there are several reasons why aspiring entrepreneurs fail, and majority of cases can be attributed to these reasons.

Here are some reasons why so many entrepreneurs fail.

Lack of vision

Many entrepreneurs may have a general sense of what they want their business to be, but they do not have a specific vision and understanding of their goals/objectives. It is highly important for any entrepreneur to know what they want to achieve, in order to make the best possible decisions to reach that vision. Without a proper understanding and vision for their business, they will not be able to make the right decisions and will not succeed.

Lack of planning

When starting any new business, it is so important to plan for everything.

Failing to plan is planning to fail, as the classic business world saying goes.

There is much truth to this, with new businesses failing being attributed to poor planning. Entrepreneurs must plan for everything, and a new business is all about planning. Planning is the difference between a business going under and a business succeeding.

Not enough capital

Starting a new business will cost quite a bit of capital.

This is well-known, and any aspiring entrepreneur should know this already.

It is not easy to start a new business and initial capital and funding is very important. This is why many businesses seek out venture capital firms to fund their ideas and startups. In the modern times, there are different methods of funding also available such as crowdfunding, in which people who believe in your idea can opt to fund your business.

In summary, many new businesses fail for various reasons, however if you are aware of the above, you can plan for success rather than failure.

Grace Pawsey
Grace Pawsey
Grace Pawsey is a senior editor at Lita Magazine, based in Adelaide. Grace writes about entrepreneurs and business issues.

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