Some reasons why bad movies get made

Throughout the years, we have seen many bad movies get made, and sometimes we wonder why they were even made in the first place.

Not only in Hollywood, but in the global movie industries such as Bollywood, there are bad movies constantly in production.

Some movies are just so bad, we often think “why would they even bother making this?”.

Here are some reasons why bad movies get made.

Producers are not film makers, but business people

Producers of many movies are not necessarily that knowledgeable in the art of film making, and will generally produce a movie if it seems like it can make a profit.

Even if a movie seems hilariously bad, if it has some commercial elements that can make it universally appealing, it can make money. Because of this, many movies which would be deemed terrible by most, will still be watched by many which generates a profit for the producers, and that’s all they really care about.

Good movie scripts ending up in the wrong hands

There are many movie scripts out there which are actually very good and would make amazing movies, in the hands of the right director. A studio or production house will buy a certain amount of scripts every year, where they are screened and moved onto a director. However, sometimes great scripts end up in the hands of the wrong director for that movie, which can turn a great script into a terrible movie. As a result, many terrible movies are made out of great scripts due to the wrong director being given the movie.

There are many good movies out there, but also many bad ones.

The reason for this is primarily due to producers looking to make a quick buck, or scripts ending up in the hands of the wrong director for the movie.

Abbey Labilliere
Abbey Labilliere
Abbey is an Entertainment Editor at the Lita Magazine. She was previously the Entertainment Editor at Yahoo Lifestyle Australia and has a strong interest in covering stories about culture and diversity. She likes late night TV shows and going for a walk with her dogs.

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