10 Canadian Pharmacy Myths

Did you know that there are a lot of myths about Canadian Pharmacy? If this is something that you fancy to know about, you’re in the right place. So in this article get ready for the 10 Canadian Pharmacy myths to be debunked!

Selling drugs online is illegal

This only applies to unauthorized suppliers. If a pharmacy has all the necessary permissions, it can legally sell drugs online.

All drugs are produced in Canada

There are lots of pharmaceutical companies in Canada both headquarters and local branches of the foreign company such as Pfizer. But not all drugs are produced in Canada.

Pharmaceutical companies exaggerate production costs to justify high pricing

The cost of developing and manufacturing pharmaceuticals is very high. To develop and manufacture new pharmaceuticals, the company needs to pay developers, introduce new technology, etc. Generic manufacturers might bear fewer expenses, but they still cost quite high.

If pain or discomfort persists or worsens, it’s okay to take more than the prescribed dose

The prescribed dosage of your medication is not based on the doctor’s personal choice, it depends on your current medical condition, and exceeding the prescribed dosage could have dangerous consequences such as an accidental overdose or liver damage.

Once the patient feels better, it’s no longer necessary for them to take their medication

Your doctor will be giving you a set of instructions about the prescribed medication like asking you to take the medication for an entire week, etc. Feeling better does not always mean that you’re already cured and free from illnesses. That is why it is always best to follow the given instructions upon the prescription of the medicine for you to enjoy the long-lasting effects of your medications.

Natural supplements are safer than their prescribed counterparts

People tend to often have confusion between the words “healthy” and “normal”. Natural supplements don’t always mean “healthy”. In line with this, patients should be reminded that the FDA standards for natural supplements are much weaker than the standards for approved drugs. Natural supplement’s side effects may not even be listed on their label, and supplements also can have conflicts with certain medications.

Medications are best stored in the bathroom or near the kitchen sink

Keep in mind that medications should be kept in a dry place and away from heat, and direct light. Some medications simply lose their potency once exposed to heat and humid environments. Careful precautions should always be advised.

Canadian drug prices are not excessive; we already get a reasonable deal on pharmaceuticals.

Confidential price negotiations usually widen the gap between drug prices in Canada, since smaller provincial drug plans have less negotiating power and discounts only apply to people who are covered by public plans.

A Pharmacist only knows about prescription medications

Pharmacists can easily assist and guide you with different types of medications and drugs such as vitamins and supplements. In fact, they are made to be aware of the substances that you are taking so that they can assist you accurately.

Pharmacare will reduce the choice of drugs to the detriment of patients.

Not all Pharmacare programs aim to cover most prescriptions. There are proposals to start universal coverage in Canada with a small list of essential drugs. Other prescriptions would continue to be paid for by the existing public and private plans or directly by patients.

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