Investing in yourself can create effective habits that can make you continually successful in life

Personal development is about investing in yourself so that you can create effective habits that can make you continually successful in life. It also allows you take failure and improve from it, rather than letting it derail you. It allows you to set goals, which you may not always achieve, however the journey will teach you more about yourself which will ultimately improve you.

Here are the core benefits of personal development.


Self-awareness means that you know who you really are, and what your values, principles and beliefs are. If you want to achieve your goals, as well as your happiness, you must base your personal development plan around who you are as a person. Self-awareness is something can be learnt through personal development and can help you in many aspects of your life.

Sense of direction/goals

A sense of directions and set goals is very important for everyone. Without a sense of direction, life would seem very meaningless. Having set goals and a vision will allow you to know what you are working towards every day and keeps you motivated to keep going. Knowing what you want also allows you to plan a path that would get you to that goal as efficiently as possible, creating further success in your life.

Greater resilience

When you know yourself well, you tend to have a greater resilience to life’s challenges. By being strong in your goals and mental health, you know that any failures you come across are just stepping stones and experiences to learn from. Personal development allows you to build this resilience, and make you stronger.

In summary, personal development provides many benefits for you.

These benefits can and will ultimately make you a better person through the changes that occur within you, as well as what it teaches you in experiences.

Cooper Harry
Cooper Harry
Cooper Harry is Lita’s reporter based in Adelaide. Before joining the LM, Cooper reported on personal career issues for local Adelaide news sites and also for TBD. He’s the author of a non-fiction book, Aran Condition: How Baseball Cards Became Your Obsession, and his stories have appeared in The National, The Ages, and Outside. He’s won the Award for Young Journalists in 2017.

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