How to spend a weekend with sunny Newcastle weather

If you live in the area, then what the Newcastle weather is will affect how you spend your time on the weekend. The following will examine some of the things you can do on the weekend when you have sunny Newcastle weather.

A sunny weekend is no doubt the best kind since it allows you to have a comfortable time outdoors and not feel burdened by heavy clothing that you would otherwise need when it’s cold or raining. While there are outdoor activities to be enjoyed when it’s not sunny, this kind of Newcastle weather is more enjoyable because you can dress in lighter clothing and exert yourself more without feeling uncomfortable.

Having a picnic is an ideal use of your time when you have sunny Newcastle weather since it acts as a foundation for many other activities. This also goes for having a BBQ.Group of people and a dog having a picnic and enjoying the sunny Newcastle weatherWhy is this? Because when you have a centralised point where you can relax and eat, you can get better fuel for the physical activities you want to do. You and the family can spend a lot more time playing frisbee, flying a kite, or tossing a ball around when you have a comfortable spot to retreat to and enjoy some good food.

Packing for a picnic during sunny Newcastle weather is a fun experience in of itself, and the choices you have are really only limited by your preferences and/or dietary requirements. Your picnic spread can be as elaborate as you want it to be, just make sure you take the proper precautions to ensure that the sunny Newcastle weather does not poorly affect your food.

For example, you will need an esky or some kind of cooler bag to ensure that any ice-cream that you bring is not melted by the hot weather. This goes for keeping your drinks cold as well.

The best idea is to get an esky and then fill it up with ice from the nearest service station to the place you have your picnic. This will enable you to get the coolest ice and enjoy the Newcastle weather in the best way possible with your cold treats and beverages.

Of course, you can also head to one of the many fantastic beaches in the area. However, they will be the most crowded when the Newcastle weather is the sunniest, so make sure that you are prepared for that. There’s plenty of activities to enjoy at the beach, including surfing, boogie boarding, or just chilling out and making sandcastles. Did you know that there are sandcastle making contests where artists compete to make works of art with sand? The tragedy is that this art is destined to be destroyed by the waves, but that is also part of why it’s so interesting.

Three people jump up in the air on the beach as they enjoy the sunny Newcastle weather

The most important thing to remember with all of these activities during sunny Newcastle weather is that you need to protect yourself and others from UV rays. Harsh sunlight and the UV rays it brings is responsible for many people developing skin cancer, which can often prove to be fatal.

Naturally, you would want to protect yourself and your loved ones from having any issues like this. This is why using the right amount of sunscreen and having clothing that covers your body is essential.

Most people do not apply enough sunscreen on their skin and only put on a thin layer because they are so eager to start enjoying the warm Newcastle weather. When you are using sunscreen, you really need to lather it on, so it forms an actual barrier between your skin and the sun it is designed to protect you from.

The higher the SPF rating of the sunscreen, the better it will be at protecting you. While there are minimum standards, it’s best to go with the highest rating you can find and use it liberally.

Getting a sunburn from being out in the sunny Newcastle weather is not something you want to deal with, and it is a sign that you did not have enough sun protection. While you might be able to deal with sunburn as an adult, children can find sunburns very traumatising for them, and it is not something that they should have to endure.

Many people have had their lives severely impacted by skin cancer that they developed from not taking sun safety seriously, or because they were ignorant of it. Some people were exposed as children because their parents did not know about sun safety and thought a sunburn was uncomfortable but ultimately harmless.

Also, a lot of people engage in ‘tanning’ in sunny Newcastle weather which is essentially controlled sunburning of the skin so that it achieves a darker complexion. This is because of a toxic belief that tanned skin is more attractive than pale skin.

Thankfully, many people who enjoy sunny Newcastle weather these days have realised the dangers of sun exposure and don’t take unnecessary risks. There are safer alternatives for tanning, but some people still take the risk of doing it the ‘natural’ way.

While sunscreen is important when you are out during sunny Newcastle weather, proper clothing is more important. As good as sunscreen is, your best protection is going to be physical barriers that block and absorb UV rays from the sun.

The downside is that it’s uncomfortable to wear too much clothing when the Newcastle weather is warm. It’s a good idea to invest in long-sleeve but light summer clothing that gives your body as much coverage as possible while still being loose and not causing you to sweat too much.

If you are a parent enjoying the outdoors during sunny Newcastle weather with your kids, then you need to ensure that you protect them. Make sure that you have proper shade and that the kids know the importance of using sunscreen.

While it can be hard to impart safety tips on kids who just want to run around and play, doing this is essential to protect them. You want to make sure that your kids grow up with a sun smart attitude and know that too much exposure is going to negatively impact them.

They will then impart this information onto their own children when they go out to play in sunny Newcastle weather. The goal is to make sun safety a second nature thing so that people don’t have to endure skin cancer that they could otherwise have avoided by taking a few more precautions.

It can be a bit of an inconvenience to take all of these precautions when you want to enjoy sunny Newcastle weather, but they really are essential. You can’t afford to get lazy when it comes to sun protection, especially when you have kids who are not able to take it into their own hands and rely on you to make sure that they are fully protected.


At the end of the day, enjoying your time during sunny Newcastle weather is about finding a great activity and taking proper precautions against the side effects of sun exposure. While the sun has a lot of health benefits in terms of giving you essential vitamin D, it’s possible to have too much of a good thing and end up having negative consequences for your health.

Alexis Hennessy
Alexis Hennessy
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