The benefits of a 4-day work week

A relatively new concept, the 4-day work week has been implemented among a small percentage of businesses, particularly across Europe.

It has claimed to increase productivity and morale amongst employees whilst still maintaining the same pay.

The concept of a 4-day work week started when studies found that employees were only productive for a quarter of an 8 hour working day, and that different days of the week had different productivity levels. The beginning of the week on Monday had the highest productivity, which would gradually decrease as the working week came to an end. The time during the day would also influence productivity, with employees being most productive around 11am, before gradually decreasing towards the late afternoon, then completely plummeting after 4pm.

Here are some benefits of a 4-day work week.

Increased productivity

This is what you’re here for right?

In-depth studies by reputable sources have suggested that the 4-day work week maintains the productivity levels in employees whilst also increasing their job satisfaction, morale, work/life balance and teamwork.

There was also a reported decrease in stress levels.

The factors above help to contribute to a number of positives in a business, such as a lower turnover rate, less conflict and smoother operation.

Increased employee engagement

A 4-day work week can result in more committed employees and overall happier workers. They are less likely to be stressed, which leads to reduced sick days as they have more than enough time to recover. Furthermore, they return to work much more refreshed and ready to take on the challenges that the day presents to them.

These all contribute to an increase in employee engagement, which results in a better running business and happier employees.

These are some of the ways that a 4-day work week can benefit your business, and with the results coming from reputable sources and other businesses adopting the strategy, maybe your business should too.

Sandra Viner
Sandra Viner
Sandra Viner is a writer and journalist with more than 10 years of experience working for major media outlets spanning print, digital and publishing. She began her career at Fairfax as an award-winning news reporter and has since covered property, business, entertainment and human interest.

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