Online shopping has become significantly more popular than physical retailers

With the rise in popularity of social media platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat, online retailers have risen in popularity exponentially.

This is attributed to the direct link between social media platforms and online retailers marketing campaigns, which focus on targeting their demographic through social media. It has become a much more convenient and available way to shop, and as a result, much more popular.

Here are some reasons why online shopping has become so popular.

Consumers can find exactly what they want

Gone are the days of looking around store to store for an exact product that you want. With online retailers, you are able to search for exactly your product, and find a retailer that is supplying it. This ease of access as well as the ability to find what you want is a reason why online shopping is so popular.

It is much more convenient for consumers

Consumers do not need to worry about store opening hours, or if a retailer has a certain product in stock. In addition to this, they can access the shop from anytime and anywhere, online. This convenience is a main reason why online shopping is so popular, with the ability to shop from wherever at 3 in the morning being very appealing to them.

Easier to compare prices and reviews

Consumers are able to compare prices and reviews much easier online.

Rather than having to go from store to store to compare prices of products, they can do so with a quick Google search and resources are a click away.

Conclusively, online shopping is much more popular than physical retailers in the modern age. This is due to social media marketing, as well as each of access for the many consumers.

Zoe Drennan
Zoe Drennan
Zoe Drennan is a local lifestyle writer and mental health educator based in Melbourne. Her articles about lifestyle and health have been featured in HuffPost, Allure, Bustle, Healthline, NYLON, The Salt Lake Tribune, and more. She sits on the board of Aia's Disability Law Center, as well as the National Harm Reduction Coalition. In recognition of her work as a journalist and advocate, Zoe was the recipient of the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration's Young Adult Leadership Voice Award in 2019.

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