The real benefits of watching movies and TV

Many people throughout the world spend a lot of time watching movies and TV shows in their life. This is largely due to the accessibility and convenience we have, due to the rise of media streaming services. Furthermore, we are much more interested in film culture than ever before, with many of us tuning in to see the Oscars and other movie and TV awards than ever before.

But so many sources say that watching too many movies and TV shows is bad for us, however there are some very real benefits of doing so.

Here are the real benefits of watching movies and TV.

Movies and TV shows help us learn

Movies and TV shows can help shape how we make sense of the world we are living in currently. Movies and TV shows set in the past in certain parts of history can help us learn and even just know about that time in our past.

They also help us to learn about issues we may not have been more aware about, and this can lead consumers to doing their own research and reading about these issues.

Movies and TV shows can drive social change

As stated above, with movies and TV shows raising certain issues to light that many may have been ignorant or blind to, people can become aware of them and push for change. This is more prevalent in documentaries which highlight issues, such as Blackfish (2013) which highlights the issue of abuse and mistreatment of killer whales under SeaWorld. This led to the closure of its orca show.

In some ways that we may not have realised, movies and TV shows benefit consumers in some very real ways. Some of these benefits include raising awareness about parts of history, as well as social issues.

Abbey Labilliere
Abbey is an Entertainment Editor at the Lita Magazine. She was previously the Entertainment Editor at Yahoo Lifestyle Australia and has a strong interest in covering stories about culture and diversity. She likes late night TV shows and going for a walk with her dogs.

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