Common myths surrounding active lifestyles

There are various myths surrounding active lifestyles, specifically to do with how much time it takes, the effort required and how hard it can be.

An active lifestyle is easy to maintain once you get into the routine, however getting into the routine can be hard. It is these myths that can put people off taking up an active lifestyle.

Here are some common myths surrounding active lifestyles.

There is not enough time during the week

Many people believe it takes a full time dedication and effort in order to get fit and stay fit. In believing this, they think they do not have the time to put in the work to get fit and would rather not even try. This is incorrect, and getting fit does not take a ridiculous amount of hours of work. Something as simple as half an hour a day combined with a healthy diet can be enough to get you fit in time.

Exercise is exhausting

Many people believe exercise is something that takes a lot of effort and is completely exhausting. Maybe initially the exercise will be hard (it’s supposed to be!), however over time it gets easier and easier, and faster than you think.

Exercise shouldn’t leave you feeling completely dead, but you should feel good afterwards and somewhat energized.

Gyms are too expensive

Majority of gyms are not expensive at all for what you get.

Unless you are looking into specialized gyms, a general gym does not cost much per week to use. Creating your own home gym may be expensive, however this is unnecessary when you can use a normal commercial gym.

Most of the time, you won’t even need a gym, and can utilize the outdoors in order to exercise.

In summary, an active lifestyle has many myths surrounding that are plain wrong. Give it a try yourself and you will see that maintaining an active lifestyle isn’t so hard after all.

Alexis Hennessy
Alexis Hennessy
Alexis Hennessy is a pop culture journalist with 10 years experience writing on offbeat subjects. She is the former junior editor of Wireless Flash, a news agency that provided The Daily Show, Good Morning and many other shows with news segments.

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