The importance of business analysis use in your business

Business analysis is important for any business organization.

Business analysis involves using techniques to understand a business’s structure, how its policies work and how the operation process is undertaken in order to help achieve its objectives.

Business analysis primarily involves creating documentation, analysis of business requirements, identifying weaknesses such as areas for process improvement, as well as strategic planning and the creation of policies that further the organizations vision.

Business organizations are able to increase their strategic skills by undertaking data analysis that can help them to understand the current market scenarios and trends. This business analysis involves risk assessment and mitigation planning, identification of new business opportunities, performing of feasibility studies and the writing of detailed business cases.

Business allows the business to elicit the requirements for a new project.

An analyst at the beginning of the project will help to understand the business requirements and also to clearly explain the business vision in order to achieve the objectives.

An analyst would take into account the concerns of all stakeholders, in order for a unanimous decision to be made to create the vision for the future project.

This can be done through interviews, prototyping, document analysis and questionnaires.

Another way business analysis is important is that an analyst will act as the communication bridge between the business and stakeholders.

The analyst will work with the stakeholders in order to get the business requirements and translate this to the developers who can then start to develop the project based on this. The back and forth communication can sometimes be confusing and complex from stakeholder terminology to developer terminology, and vice versa. Thereby, the analyst is important to act as a communication bridge between the two parties.

In summary, business analysis is important in all aspects of the business organization, and a business analyst is vital for the continued success and operation of an established business.

Sandra Viner
Sandra Viner is a writer and journalist with more than 10 years of experience working for major media outlets spanning print, digital and publishing. She began her career at Fairfax as an award-winning news reporter and has since covered property, business, entertainment and human interest.

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