Social media has exploded in popularity with the rise of apps

Social media has exploded in popularity with the rise of apps such as Instagram, TikTok and Snapchat. The popularity of these social media platforms means that social media marketing is also exponentially on the rise. Many businesses have taken to social media platforms in order to market their product or service, and the results are very positive. This can be seen in retail, where online retailers utilizing social media have become vastly more popular than physical retailers, who are now in decline. This is not only limited to retailers, with gyms, new products and even food stores marketing on social media.

That being said, here are some reasons why entrepreneurs should use social media.

Increased communication

Social media is a good platform to engage and communicate with your target demographic. My having direct contact and a medium on which to engage with your consumers, you can find out their likes/dislikes and how they react to changes you make and products you release. Ultimately this means you can make better decisions for your business which will be profitable.

Decreased marketing cost

Marketing and advertisement campaigns on social media platforms cost significantly less than traditional campaigns. They also tend to be much more successful and targeted towards your demographic. Thereby, it is more effective and cheaper.

Increase in brand awareness

With social media platforms, your brand awareness is much more out there, due to the fact you can target your demographic directly. This means word of your business will spread amongst your target demographics community, bringing you direct sales.

In summary, social media platforms are a viable way of marketing to your target demographic, and the success shown by businesses and entrepreneurs worldwide through the use of social media suggests its success.

It is important for any entrepreneur to utilize social media in their business.

Grace Pawsey
Grace Pawsey is a senior editor at Lita Magazine, based in Adelaide. Grace writes about entrepreneurs and business issues.

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