4 different types of flowers and what they mean

Saying something meaningful can be difficult, especially for those of us who struggle to make words express our true feelings. For centuries, flowers have been the perfect way to communicate your love and appreciation for someone. With so many choices of different types and colours available, however, it can be useful to know the traditional meaning of a few kinds of flowers before making your decision. Here are 6 of some of the most popular types of flowers and what they mean.

4 different types of flowers and what they mean

#1 Roses

The classic rose is a timeless choice of flower for a loved one. They come in a range of colours, all which carry different meanings. An arrangement of these flowers will make your loved ones feel appreciated. The red rose is the most common colour of rose and typically symbolises love and romance. A bouquet of red roses is a good choice for your significant other on Valentine’s Day, an anniversary, or other significant romantic event. White roses are said to symbolise innocence and purity and are a popular choice for events such as weddings. Pink roses are a sign of gratitude and admiration, making them an excellent thank you gift for someone. Orange roses communicate enthusiasm and passion and make an apt congratulatory gift for events such as graduation ceremonies. Last but certainly not least, the yellow rose is a sign of friendship. Whether it’s an occasion such as your friend’s birthday, or simply to say thank you for being my friend, yellow roses are sure to make them feel treasured.

#2 LiliesMeanings and types of flowers

Lilies, like roses, come in a range of colours which hold different meanings. White lilies are the most common, however, and usually represent purity, commitment and rebirth, making them ideal for events such as weddings and funerals. Pink lilies are said to represent femininity and admiration, meaning they are a popular choice for boosting the confidence of any special woman in your life. Red lilies symbolise love and passion and are a perfect alternative to the classic red rose. Orange lilies symbolise confidence and are sure to brighten up anyone’s day. Yellow lilies, again like roses, symbolise friendship and demonstrate your love for the people who support you.

#3 Orchids

Orchids are a unique flower synonymous with luxury and elegance. They are a popular choice of decorative flower for their dazzling beauty and adaptability to any environment. Different cultures have different meanings for orchids, including fertility, innocence, wealth and bravery, to name a few. Their different colours hold much of the same meaning as the colours of the lilies and the roses with an added element of individuality and elegance.

#4 Gerberas

Gerberas come in both large and miniature form and are a bright, delightful addition to any home. Much like orchids, gerberas have a few different meanings in different cultures. For example, the Egyptians believe that they represent closeness to nature, particularly the sun, while the Celts believe that they lessen sorrow and stress. The colours range from ultra bright to soft pastels and are often arranged in a vibrant multi-coloured bunch. They represent admiration, cheerfulness and love overall.


When choosing a floral gift for your nearest and dearest, allow this guide to aid you in your decision. Colour, flower type, arrangement, and more, all have significant meanings that can communicate important messages to the most important people in your life. Whether it is a birthday, anniversary, wedding, or other special occasion, pick your flowers with care and enjoy lighting up the lives of your friends and family.

Alexis Hennessy
Alexis Hennessy
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