Following Tone Fitness Apparel's huge success at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia's first ever Active Collective runway show in 2017, the Sydney-based brand launched its new AW18 line ACTIVE-LANE during New York Fashion Week in February 2018. The collection was exhibited at Oxford Fashion Studio runway show in the heart of New York City for the who’s who in the American fashion industry. We talk to founder Elise Bonner about the success that was New York.


Congratulations on showing in New York! Share some insight into your experience, from the lead-up to the big night.
Thank you! The experience was surreal. The invitation itself was exciting enough—an absolute dream come to reality. We were invited to walk in fashion week Milan, Paris, London and New York. With the fast turn around time for our collection to be designed and manufactured, we only had enough time to attend one. New York was our selection as we felt our collections suited the New York street scene the best. 

The design process began, and we knew it was going to be one of our favourites from the start. We were able to design our collection in record time, perfecting details right to the end. Once our fittings were complete, and we saw our pieces on our model at our New York inspired photoshoot in Sydney, on a rooftop, we knew it was going to be great. Our images came alive and represented everything we were hoping for.

We arrived in New York, and were buzzing from the beginning. The high-pace lifestyle suited how we were feeling & created a scene like no other. We had fittings, meetings & time to celebrate prior to show day. We had plenty to prepare for, but being organized made everything easier. Show day arrived and it was a combination of bright lights and fast-paced commotion. There's no better feeling than seeing your models dressed right before the show, and looking amazing. Truly being proud of a collection you have put hours of work into gives a feeling like no other.

The show went perfectly. The energy in the audience was such a relief. We were so happy with the response of those onlooking, and wanted to do it all over again!

How did this runway experience differ from showing in Australia and how did you prepare?
There was definitely a difference between showing in Australia compared to New York, and this was something we expected from the beginning. It makes preparation a whole lot easier when you live in the same city as the show, and when traveling half way around the world comes into play, organization is key. New York is generally more fast-paced than Sydney, which made an overall difference to our experience.


What are you most proud of from your recent NYFW experience?
Our collection was something we can say we were proud of—we were able to stay true to our signature style, but added a New York twist. The Tone Fitness Apparel woman does not hide behind what she wears, but celebrates through her personal style. ACTIVE-LANE is designed for the go-getter, the confident, the non-conformist. Being universally flattering, the on-trend designs appreciate a woman’s figure and compliments her form. The collection's look meets the intersection of Sydney’s bustling metropolitan with the streets of New York. Fitness, street, and day-wear bisect in the lightweight, highly versatile collection, designed for the Australian winter. We were proud to represent Australian activewear style, in the Big Apple.

And lastly... what is next for Tone Fitness Apparel?
The golden question! Our brand is faced with new opportunities all the time, and the show brought more forward for sure! We are always in preparation for new collections, on the search for new inspiration and keeping up with what's next can be challenging at times. Staying true to our brand concept is important to us, so when the right opportunity comes our way, it's hard to resist. It's important to us to slow down sometimes to be grateful and proud of where we are and what we have achieved, but we also look forward to what is to come and what is next for Tone Fitness Apparel.

View Tone Fitness Apparel on the Oxford Fashion Studio runway below: 

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